Frequently asked questions

Who is this guide aimed at?

This guide is designed for budding programmers, artists, designers that are looking to boost their prospects of getting a job in the games industry.

Will the guide teach me how to be a programmer, artist or game designer?

No – this guide is written from a games recruiter’s perspective. It assumes you have core skills in your chosen discipline but are struggling to get noticed by games developers. The guide shows you how to maximise your chances of success by effectively marketing your skills, how to expand your contact base within games, ways to avoid cold approaches to developers, how to find out about hidden vacancies and much more.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No. How to get a job in games was set up to empower graduates that are looking to get a job in games themselves. The information contained in the guide sets out exactly what you need to do to succeed without the help of an agent.

If you do decide to partner with an agency, the guide sets out strategies you can use to get the most out of them. We ourselves do not operate as a recruiter.

Do I need to wait until graduation to start using the system?

No! The techniques described in the book do take some time and effort to implement. The earlier you start the better! If you’re a first or second year university student you will have the advantage of getting ahead of the curve if you get the guide now.

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