86% of Games Course Students on LinkedIn have less than 100 Connections

by Pete Aunins

How do you stack up?

I’ve been doing some analysis on how well connected the typical final year games student is. The results are a little worrying…

As of May 20th 2013 I was connected on LinkedIn to over 400 final year students on games related courses.

Of these connections:-

86% have less than 100 Connections

57% have less than 50 Connections.

Given that not all of these connections are likely to be people involved in or related to the video games sector it would seem that the reach a typical student has into the games industry is severely limited.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for improving your chances of getting a job in games. It seems that University students aren’t making the most of it though – this is a big mistake!

It’s not to say that some people haven’t embraced the concept and have been very successful in building their network. Just over 2% have more than 300 connections – this is good going! If you’re one of this group the chances are you’ll be able to more effectively research opportunities and leverage your contacts to maximise your chances of getting that first job in games.

If you’re lagging behind at the moment – don’t worry! There are plenty of things that you can do to boost your network and your reach. Check out our guide for loads of information, hints and tips on how to build up your web of contacts and become an expert at networking!

Remember – it’s far more effective to build up a relationship with a contact within a target company first rather than just flinging out a CV randomly on the off chance!

Good luck with your job hunting

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