Roles available in Games?

Jobs in videogames development fall into several different categories

Technical roles – in essence programming can range from junior programmer level through to technical director. People tend to specialise in certain areas, whether it be Graphics Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Gameplay, Physics, Networking or Tools however a large number of programmers have generalist skills across one or more of these areas.

Typically most games are developed in C++, however skills in C, C#, Python, Java, HTML5 and others are becoming more widespread.

Creative Roles – include roles like level design, games design, artists and modellers. Again there is a degree of specialism in each of areas, so artists could concentrate on characters, environment or concept etc.

level design, games design, artists and modellers

QA – games testing, language localistion / translation.

Management – Games producer, associate producer, external producer, game director, studio head.

Graduate games jobs are tough to find, but if you know where to look you can find them!

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