What others say about the author

“I found this a very interesting read and a useful resource for those looking to maximise their chances of gaining employment in the games industry.”

Keith Ditchburn - Principal Lecturer at University of Teesside.

“Pete was highly effective in helping our students from the Goldsmiths MScCGE course find placements in the Games Industry after their studies and internships.

If you want to work in games, or already do, then Pete is enormously well-connected, has an unrivaled talent for advice.”

Andy Thomason Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London

“Pete has worked with Liverpool John Moores University students for a nubmer of years providing valuable advice and insights into the games industry for our students. He is always willing to speak to our team and many of our students have gone on to careers in the games industry as a result.”

Martin Hanneghan - Course Leader - Liverpool John Moores University

“Pete has extensive knowledge about the computer games industry and a great deal of experience about applying for jobs within the the industry. He is professional, friendly and helpful. Always ready to help with a question and a fast response to emails.”

Gareth Bellaby - Course Leader at University of Central Lancashire

“Pete is approachable and takes time to match the candidate with the right openings, and advises all the way through the process, very friendly attitude. Wouldnt hesitate to use him next time or if I need to hire.”

Roger Womack CEO, Development Director at Sports Director Ltd

“I have known Pete for many years and have always found him to be extremely professional with a great deal of attention to detail.

His knowledge of the computer games industry is outstanding.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pete.”

Chris Norman, Chief Technology Officer - Goaldash Ltd

“Pete helped me break into the games industry.

After I contacted Pete about wanting a role in the industry he called me (an international call – I was 17296 km away) to find out about me.

After a refreshingly honest and easy conversation devoid of platitudes and sales spiel he laid out the possibilities for road ahead, he was realistic but upbeat. We established what we individually needed to do to for me to achieve my dream and he set to work preparing me for the road ahead.

After months of exploring options and listening to his advice he started presenting me with opportunities. I stumbled a few times but he picked me up and we continued. The result, I landed my dream job, in a wonderful place and a real breakthrough into the industry. It started a journey which was undoubtably one of the best experiences of my life and I’m still on it!

Things that really stood out about Pete for me. He trusted and believed in me from the beginning. He worked hard to and made sure everything was in order before exploring each opportunity. He was true to his word. He is not a salesman but an Agent; I never felt once like he turned on me to get a result for himself. He is expert. He knows what the industry is looking for, he knows the key players.

After all that I didn’t realise how good I had got it with Pete. He was the first guy I contacted; blind luck! It was years later until I worked with other agents and it was only then the penny dropped about what is normal in that industry. Pete is not, he is well above.”

Chris K - Lead Programmer

“The University of Hull Careers Service is continuously looking for expert lecturers that are able to educate and update our students about career paths within different industries. Pete Aunins is a brilliant example of the kind, presenting his extensive knowledge of getting into the games industry in a way that leaves the audience quite impressed – and demanding more of the same!”

Tony Taylor, Careers Adviser at University of Hull

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