Why Games

The videogames industry is hi tech exciting and potentially highly lucrative

Games development takes place across the globe, with studios in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Scandinavia and beyond.

From AAA console and PC titles, huge massively multiplayer online games right through to handheld, smartphone, tablet or social network based games this is a truly vast industry.

The industry is made up of established multinational companies that have been in the sector for decades right through to the latests start up developers it is a constantly moving and evolving entity. The appeal of a job in video games is working in such a fast paced, growing sector is easy to see! Getting an entry level or graduate games job can be tough, but very rewarding!

Bigger than hollywood?

The videogames industry employs tens of thousands of people across the globe, with a sizeable proportion in the UK.

Team sizes for the largest titles can run into many hundreds of developers, with companies taking years to develop and perfect single games. At the other end of the spectrum lean, small scale operations with a handful of people can churn out innovative boutique titles in a matter of months.

Budgets for the biggest games can rival those of Hollywood blockbuster films, and the record for the biggest entertainment launch first weekend sales is held by a video game!

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